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Following your free 30 minute consultation, you have the following pricing options if you wish to use my services:


Option 1:  An upfront price

With this option, we agree on a price upfront, before any work is carried out. This means that I will do as much work for you as that agreed price allows.  If more work is required over and above the agreed number of hours, I will discuss this with you so that you can decide whether to carry on or stop.


Option 2: An hourly rate

With this option I will keep a record of the hours spent working for you, keeping you informed at regular intervals.  I will send you an invoice once the work is complete or at regular intervals in the case of ongoing/regular work.

You can stop me at any point if you do not want me to continue working for you.


Option 3:  A monthly payment plan

With this option, if you have ongoing requirements and you want me to work for you on a regular basis then we can discuss a monthly payment plan.  With this option, we will discuss your requirements before starting the work, including the number of hours per week/fortnight/month you would like me to do.


For more information on pricing, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss the options with you in more detail.