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Residential Care

Access and Funding


Choosing to move a loved one into a residential or nursing home is a difficult decision to make for anyone, so if you’re not sure where to start I can help.

We can look at the type of accommodation you might need, whether its residential care or nursing care. Once you’ve decided that, we can look at the options that suit your needs in your local area or further afield, closer to family members if that is appropriate. I can advise you on the process involved in choosing a home and the timescales involved.

I can also help to explain the funding options available to you for residential or nursing care and how it is assessed.

Making The Right Choice

For residential care, there are two options, either the place is funded by the local authority or you fund the place yourself.  If you require a nursing home then there are other funding options available to you.

For some people with low-level nursing needs the same funding options are applicable as residential care, however, if you have more complex health needs then there are two further types of funding that may be appropriate for you.

The first is Continuing Health Care (CHC) funding, which does have very strict criteria in order to attain it. I have personal experience of this type of funding and can help you decide if its appropriate for you, as well as helping you through the rigorous assessment process if you decide to go down this route.

The second type of funding available, if you are not eligible for CHC funding, but you still require nursing care is NHS-funded nursing care, which is set at a lower level to CHC funding but is worth considering.

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